Friday, April 11, 2008

Blondes to Die Out in 200 Years?

I know, I know - April Fool's Day is already over. But, this story is for real. Apparently, too few people carry the gene for 'blondeness', so true blondes are an endangered species.

Check out the proof at the BBC's website: Blonde Extinction

How to Boost Your Awareness

This informative video shows you how to boost your awareness...

Israel Buying Oil from Iran?

This is an incredible story, and I can't understand why the media isn't having a field day with it. Of course, they have to cover truly important things like missing blondes, American Idol contestants, and whether or not Barack Obama is wearing an American flag lapel pin, so there's little time to cover the fact that Israel is buying oil from IRAN. That's right, the same Iran whose President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was quoted as saying, “The establishment of the State of Israel was an offensive move. The Islamic nation will not let its historic enemy live in its midst." Or, how about this gem, "The State of Israel should be wiped off the map." Does that sound like a country you'd want to engage in trade with? Apparently Israel doesn't have a problem with it. Except, there are a couple of minor problems. For one, Israel has a boycott against Iran. And, secondly, Israel has tried to keep the whole thing secret. Here's an excerpt from an April 4th Guardian UK article:

"Israel imports Iranian oil on a large scale even though contacts with Iran and purchasing of its products are officially boycotted by Israel. Israel gets around the boycott by having the oil delivered via Europe. A reliable Israeli energy newsletter, EnergiaNews, reported this last week [March 18] ...

"EnergiaNews got the information about the Iran trade from sources with ties to the management of Israeli Oil Refineries Ltd ... According to EnergiaNews the Iranian oil is liked in Israel because its quality is better than other crude oils."

To read the article in its entirety, click here: The Guardian UK

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Did Your Mom Ever Call You an Ugly Gorilla?

Did your mom ever call you an ugly gorilla? Only rapper BJ The Messenger would dare to ask. Guaranteed to be the best video you'll see today.

America: A Fascist Country?

hotmail-george bush-country
This short video proposes that there are 14 components that make up a fascist regime. How many do the creators of the video claim pertain to the U.S? Click here to find out: Bush Flash

Failure. Sometime's it's an Option

Failure. Sometimes it's an option.



ray charles


who wants to be a millionaire

martin luther king

ohio state basketball

REAL Moon Landing

After decades of speculation, the truth about the 1969 moon landing finally comes to light...

Better than Myspace: Bro Search!

What is Bro Search? It's hot, and it's the largest best friend networking site on the web. It'll be bigger than myspace in no time...

Monday, April 7, 2008

John Calipari vs John Chaney

In honor of tonight's National Championship basketball game pitting Memphis (blech!) against Kansas, here is an all-time classic ESPN clip co-starring Memphis coach John Calipari. Back in 1994 Calipari was head coach at UMass and was playing against John Chaney's Temple Owls. Something transpired during the game which upset Chaney, and he let Calipari know about it in no uncertain terms.

Calipari strikes me as a smug a-hole, so I always wished Chaney's team hadn't held him back...

Beautiful Photos of Abandoned Castle

beautiful castle photos
Photographer DavidHR has some beautiful photos of an abandoned castle in Belgium. The Castle of Miranda was severely damaged by a fire and has been abandoned since 1991.

Check out several shots of the castle and many of David's other pics here:

Abandoned Castle

Gay Scientists Discover Christian Gene

Here's a video of a group of gay scientists who have discovered a gene said to cause Christianity:

George Bush Hotmail Inbox

Through the Freedom of Information Act the contents of George Bush's Hotmail inbox have been released to the public.

Click to view:

W's Inbox