Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do It Yourself Exorcism Kit

Exorcism Kit
Now you can have your very own exorcism kit! Dread
is selling a do-it-yourself exorcism kit for less than ten bucks. If you or someone you love is possessed, there's no reason to hire a priest.

Each kit includes:

• 1 purple prayer stole
• 1 holy water decanter (unfilled)
• 1 bright yellow door hanger: "DO NOT ENTER -- EXORCISM IN PROGRESS"
• 1 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK rosary beads
• 1 vomit bag
• 1 "official" certificate

In addition, you can also purchase the first ever Exorcist action figure. This figure depicts Linda Blair as Regan in the 'spiderwalk' scene. They really should have created a headspin Regan figure complete with pea soup and crucifix, but this one is a good start...

Check out the exorcism kit and the Regan Exorcist figure at Dread Central:
Dread Central

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Star Wars Public Service Announcements

These are fantastic! Two Star Wars PSA's from the late 70's. The first is an anti drunk driving campaign and the second is one intended to keep kids from smoking. Notice the creative spelling of the word galaxy in the second video...

You've Worked 113 Days This Year - Just to Pay Your Taxes!

Today is Tax Freedom Day, the first day of the year in which the average American has earned enough income to cover their tax burden for the year. According to the Tax Foundation, we work 74 days of the year to cover federal taxes, and another 39 to pay state and local taxes. By comparison we spend 35 days working to pay for food, 60 for housing, 50 for health care, and another 13 to buy clothing.

So, what do we get for our 113 days of work to fund the government? Well, in 2007 our government spent $2,407 billion. The two biggest expenditures were Social Security (20.2%) and Defense (19%). On the lower end of the spectrum were Education (3.1%) and Energy (0.8%). So, at a time when we're facing $4 per gallon gas prices, we're spending less than 1% on energy. No wonder our economy is so screwed up!

While you're slaving away at work today you can take comfort in knowing that every penny you make the rest of the year is all for you! Well, except for everything that goes to credit cards, your mortgage, your energy bills, your gas tank...

OK, you CAN take comfort in the fact that none of your income the rest of the year will go to the government and all of the ridiculous things they spend money on. And, if you have anything left after all your other expenses, go out and buy yourself something nice. You've earned it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Damn Babies!

man fighting babies
Here's a weird monument located in Oslo, Norway of a man fighting some babies. Why? I have no idea...

Monday, April 21, 2008

5 Reasons We'll Never Have Another Good President

Bush drinking beer

1. People Want a President They'd Like to Have a Beer With
I don't understand this rationale. If you're in a bar, and you strike up a conversation with someone, would you rather talk with the guy who can form complete sentences and speak intelligently about a wide range of subjects or the guy who says 'nucular' and talks about how the pope gave an 'awesome' speech?

If you hire an accountant would you say, "Well, he totally screwed up my tax return, but he's a hell of a guy to have a beer with!"? No! So why would people vote for someone who's borderline retarded and will bankrupt our country just because he seems like an OK guy? You're voting for the leader of the free world, not a drinking buddy.

2. False Patriotism
Since 9/11, politicians have been falling all over themselves trying to show that they're patriotic and the other guy isn't. The sad thing is that too many people in our country think that anyone who wears a flag lapel pin and has a yellow ribbon magnet on their car is a true patriot and everyone else hates America. Many politicians have hoodwinked Americans into believing that the only true patriots are those who support everything the Bush administration does. Those who oppose him and the war are anti-American Communists and Al Qaeda sympathisers (if not full-fledged terrorists). This type of thinking is incredibly dangerous and is the reason we are stuck in our current foreign policy mess.

Being critical of our 'leaders' and the actions they take in OUR names does not make a person anti-American. True patriotism is loving your country enough to want it to be the best country it possibly can be and that often means opposing those who are in power.

3. Support of the Wrong Issues
We see poll after poll showing that the two biggest concerns for Americans in the upcoming election are the economy and the war in Iraq. Yet, many Americans vote for a candidate based on abortion, flag burning, gay marriage and gun control. Politicians know this so they often cater to voters who want abortion, flag burning, and gay marriage banned and fear that the government is "gonna take away mah guns!" The dirty secret is that politicians who pay lip service to those issues know that Roe v. Wade isn't going to be overturned and the second amendment isn't going to be repealed. But, they talk tough and a certain segment of our society votes for them. Of course, they do nothing about the hot button issues and they have no answers for the true problems facing our country (such as the economy).

4. People Want a President Who Tells the Truth
People didn't believe Bill Clinton when he said he smoked pot but didn't inhale. People don't believe Obama when he says that he never heard any of Reverend Wright's crazy sermons, and the media can't stop talking about Hillary's lies about snipers in Bosnia.

Let's face it - politicians are going to lie. They lie all the time. We as Americans have to learn to distinguish between the insignificant lies (whether or not a guy smoked pot thirty years ago) and the truly significant ones (Iraq had weapons of mass destruction).

5. People DON'T Want a President Who Tells the Truth
Americans get so upset about politicians and their inability to be honest, but get all bent out of shape when they say something true that's the least bit controversial. Obama has taken a lot of heat from the media about his comments regarding Pennsylvanians clinging to guns and religion. Obama has backtracked some and said that he 'misspoke' (which is this year's buzzword). I wish he would just stick to his guns (no pun intended) and say, "I meant it and it's true." if he actually believes what he said. We had eight years of Bill Clinton parsing every word and never uttering a sentence that didn't pass through some type of focus group filter. It would be truly refreshing to have a president say what he believes is right even if it's politically incorrect.

High Noon Remixed as Sci-Fi

Here's a cool little video of the classic Western High Noon remixed as a science fiction film. Darryl Gold did a fantastic job editing this.